English: Fill in the Blanks Set 5

Directions (1 – 5): Each question below has a blank, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank which best fits the meaning.

  1. a) As tension prevailed ____ the area, police said they were maintaining a strict vigil and would not allow bulls to be released into crowds.
    b) Local people hoisted black flags in many places in protest against the ban ____ the sport.
    c) Police said they would talk to people who planned to conduct Jalliakktu and warn them _____holding it.
    i) against
    ii) from
    iii) on
    iv) in
    v) for
    A) (iv),(v),(v)
    B) (iv), (iii),(i)
    C) (i),(iii),(v)
    D) (i),(v),(i)
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    Option B

  2. a) The boat carrying ____ 60 people capsized in the Ganga while coming to the NIT ghat in Patna.
    b) Thousands ___ people had gone to the riverine area to enjoy the three-day kite festival.
    c) Friends and family members of victims blamed the government for ___ tragedy.
    i) the
    ii) of
    iii) a
    iv) over
    v) among
    A) (i),(v),(iii)
    B) (v),(v),(i)
    C) (iv),(ii),(i)
    D) (iv),(v),(iii)
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    Option C

  3. a) At least four persons have died and several others are missing after an illegal coal mine collapsed ___ the Mejhia block region.
    b) According ___ local people nearly three acres of the illegal coal mine in Kalikapur village had collapsed.
    c) Despite ___ well aware that the mine has collapsed, villagers did not try to rescue the workers trapped inside the mine.
    i) by
    ii) being
    iii) to
    iv) from
    v) in
    A) (v),(iii),(ii)
    B) (iv),(iii),(ii)
    C) (i),(iii),(ii)
    D) (iii),(iii),(ii)
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    Option A

  4. a) The radio is an inevitable part ___ the ordinary Indian’s life.
    b) ____ broadcasting crop updates for farmers to soothing jingles to tide over the morning blues and live traffic alerts for the hassled commuter, the radio has been an inseparable friend for many.
    c) The NGO argued ____ no other democratic country had similar curbs.
    i) that
    ii) by
    iii) of
    iv) from
    v) when
    A) (iii),(ii),(v)
    B) (iii),(iv),(i)
    C) (iii),(ii),(i)
    D) (iii),(iv),(v)
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    Option B

  5. a) In a quirky move, a prominent Delhi school has barred parents having more than two kids ____ seeking admission for their wards.
    b) The clause is also applicable ____teaching positions at the schools and candidates with more than two children cannot apply for job there.
    c) The regulation has been ____keeping in mind the increasing population in the country.
    i) in
    ii) from
    iii) put
    iv) for
    v) on
    A) (v),(v),(v)
    B) (iv),(iv),(iii)
    C) (i),(v),(iii)
    D) (ii),(iv),(iii)
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    Option D

  6. In a ______act, a dog saved his owner’s life by lying on top of him for nearly 24 hours to keep him warm in freezing conditions as the man lay paralysed in snow ______falling and breaking his neck.
    A) meek , by
    B) awful , since
    C) heroic , after
    D) daring , by
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    Option C

  7. The lawyer shared how he ______ was once a vendor at a weekly market ______studying in school.
    A) shamefully, when
    B) unwillingly, during
    C) purposefully , on
    D) himself , while
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    Option D

  8. The ______awaited and already delayed annual press conference of the Delhi Police was postponed ______ last week.
    A) most , since
    B) much , again
    C) mostly, by
    D) highly, against
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    Option B

  9. The disposal of solid municipal waste has ______as a major challenge for rapidly urbanising Gurugram, and several citizens and communities have taken it upon themselves to fight this______.
    A) emerged , menace
    B) upcome , impel
    C) become , abusive
    D) surfaced , pleasure
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    Option A

  10. In a bid to ______ the interests of the public shareholders, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has ______ the norms for merger of an unlisted company with a listed entity.
    A) protect , liberalized
    B) defend , highlighted
    C) shield , compromised
    D) safeguard , tightened
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    Option D

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