Paytm Prize Based Quiz Day 7

Hello Aspirants

Welcome to the Paytm prize based Quiz at

The quiz will start from February 1, 2017 and will end on February 7, 2017. It will start at 10 PM on each day.

About the Quiz:

A question will be posted in the disqus comment section below. The first one to answer the question correct will be given 3 points, the second one to give the correct answer will be given 2.5 points, the third one will be given 2 points and the fourth one will be given 1.5 points. At the end the one getting highest points will be declared winner.

A total of 25 questions will be posted on each day:

  • 10 questions from English Section
  • 5 questions from Quantitative Aptitude Section
  • 5 questions from Reasoning Section
  • 5 questions from Current Affairs, static GK and Computer Sections.

At the end of quiz, the person who will get the maximum points will be declared first for the particular day. 3 winners will be announced each day like this and rewards will be like:

  • The first one will get prize money of Rs 50
  • The second one will get prize money of Rs 30
  • The third one will get prize money of Rs 20

The prize money will be transferred to the person’s Paytm Account. We will ask you the details by mail.

Share the page with your friends also. It’s the time for earning while learning. Happy learning 🙂

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437 Thoughts to “Paytm Prize Based Quiz Day 7”

    1. MiMi

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    2. Purvi

      gud eve sir 🙂

        1. ambika

          :)) hey mimi

      1. ambika

        read name 🙂

        1. Purvi

          nhi read kiya tha isliye 🙁

      2. ambika

        sir ka interivew hai

    3. Purvi

      sry mam
      mene naam nhi dekha 🙁

  1. we ll start in 2 minutes

    questions will be random from sections

  2. #1.

    Statement: The apex body controlling universities in the country has decided to revise the syllabus of all the technical courses to make them focused towards the present needs of the industry thereby making the technical graduates more employable than they are at present.

    Which of the following assumption(s) is/are implicit in the above statement?
    (A) Technical colleges affiliated to different universities may not welcome the apex body’s decision and may continue with the same syllabus as at present.
    (B) The industry may welcome the decision of the apex body and scale up their hiring from these colleges.
    (C) The Govt. may not allow the apex body to implement its decision in all the colleges as it may lead to chaos.
    a) None is implicit
    b) Only (A) is implicit
    c) Only (B) is implicit
    d) Only (C) is implicit
    e) Only (A) and (B) are implicit

      1. ambika

        ohh :(( option wrong dekh liya mene

    1. (c)
      Whenever such a decision is taken, the assumptions are that it would be welcome and allowed to implement.

  3. Purvi

    ques aaya kya

  4. #2.

    Tell with which the sentence can be started

    It generates large quantities of cargo from manufacturing and processing units located in the port area. To cater to the growing demand of vessels calling on the port and barges that transport cargo to the hinterland in Europe.
    (a) while
    (b) as
    (c) besides

    (i) only a
    (ii) only c
    (iii) only a and b
    (iv) only b

        1. Purvi

          yes mam ho gayi

  5. Purvi

    mujhe kuch bhi dikh nhi rha 🙁

    1. ambika

      refresh kro na

      1. Purvi

        uske baad bhi nhi dikh rha

        1. ambika

          to embedded link pe jao

      2. Purvi

        2nd aa gaya kya

        1. ambika

          haan yaar 🙁 tumhari side pe hi hai problem humara to theek hai sab

    2. i think disqus problem ur side

      here it is fine

  6. #3.

    √4225.2 + (25.01)2 = 23.8 + ?
    A) 672
    B) 546
    C) 666
    D) 694
    E) None of these

    1. MiMi

      mam repost karo..yea kya aya?

  7. #3.

    √4225.2 + (25.01)^2 = 23.8 + ?
    A) 672
    B) 546
    C) 666
    D) 694
    E) None of these

  8. #4.

    State-owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp. Ltd (ONGC) has signed (1)/a preliminary agreement to take an (2)/ operated stake in Gujarat government (3)/firm Gujarat State Petroleum Corp.’s (GSPC) KG basin gas block.(4)/ No error

    1. 3;

      operated => operating

  9. #5.
    Choose group of statement from which given conclusions follow

    (i) Some bats are not rat
    (ii) Some cat are rat
    A) Some dog are rat. No rat is cat. All cat is bat.
    B) All dog are rat. No rat is cat. Some cat is bat
    C) No dog is rat. No rat is cat. All cat is bat
    D) All dog are rat. All rat are cat. No cat is bat
    E) None

    1. D) All dog are rat. All rat are cat. No cat is bat

  10. #6.

    Mixture A contains 60% milk and mixture B contains 80% milk. A milkman takes some mixture from mixture A and mixes it with thrice the amount of mixture from mixture B. What is the percentage of milk in the new mixture?
    A) 90%
    B) 75%
    C) 84%
    D) 80%
    E) 78%

  11. #7.
    Complete the paragraph

    Saudi Arabia’s 18-month-long military operation in Yemen has been replete with attacks on civilian centres and mass casualties. But even by recent standards, the horrific strike on a mourning hall in Sana’a on October 8 that left at least 140 people dead and more than 500 injured, most of them civilians, was unprecedented. ____________________________ But Saudi Arabia has appeared to pay no heed. Riyadh claims it is defending the internationally recognised regime of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, which operates out of the southern city of Aden, against Shia Houthi rebels. But while “defending” a government that doesn’t seem to enjoy any legitimacy at home, Riyadh and its allies have turned Yemen into a humanitarian catastrophe. The UN estimates that over 10,000 people, mostly civilians, have so far been killed and millions displaced since the Saudi intervention. Besides, the country’s already poor healthcare system has crumbled and its economy is in a shambles.

    a) The conflict pits a coalition of Arab and Muslim nations led by the Saudis against Houthi rebels allied to Iran and forces loyal to a former Yemeni president.

    b) A tentative ceasefire is holding as the United nations prepares for peace talks in Kuwait, proof, the Saudis say, of the interventions success.

    c) Since its start in March 2015, the brutal military campaign in one of the poorest Arab countries has evoked international criticism against the Saudis for the use of excessive force, even allegations of war crimes.

    d) Saudi officials say the military effort has shifted from intensive, nationwide operations to more targeted support for Yemeni forces.

  12. ambika

    ????? next aa gya

      1. ambika

        disqus ki haalt dekhke yhi lagta rehta hai bus :pp

        1. Purvi

          yes dear
          mera to do baar lappy he band ho gaya 🙁

          1. ambika

            :(( bad day for u dear

          2. Purvi

            yes dear 🙁

  13. #8.

    5 men started the work and worked for 4 days. Now they are replaced by 12 women where 1 man can do as much work as 2 women do in 1 day. If the works gets completed in a total of 10 days, in how many days 7 women can complete the entire work?
    A) 20
    B) 12
    C) 16
    D) 22
    E) 14

    1. c) 16

      Given 1 m = 2w, so 12 women = 6 men
      Let 1 man do work in x days, so 1 man’s 1 day work = 1/x, so 5 men 1 day’s work = (1/x)*5
      And since they did work for 4 days, so there work becomes (5/x)* 4 = 20/x
      Now total work completed in 10 days, this mean that 12 women or 6 men did in (10-4) = 6 days
      So similarly as above, 1 man’s 1 day work = 1/x, so 6 men 1 day’s work = (1/x)*6
      And since they did work for 6 days, so there work becomes (6/x)* 6 = 36/x
      So (20/x) + (36/x) = 1
      Solve, x = 56
      1 man do work in 56 days, so 1 woman in 2*56 days, and 7 women in (2*56)/7

  14. disqus not working fine today

    But since we have started, so keep refreshing

  15. #9. Four sentences out of 5 form a para. Find out the odd one

    1) Given how global markets rose after the US Fed’s decision to reduce its monthly bond purchases from $85 billion to $75 bn, the Sensex reaction seems overdone.
    2) While markets in China and Hong Kong also fell on fears that foreign investors would flock back to the US, where stock market yields are strong, keep in mind that things are quite different from the last time that talk of the taper gained ground.
    3) For one, with the US GDP growing at 3.6 per cent in the second quarter of 2013, a number last seen six quarters ago, a taper isn’t expected to reduce US growth much, and this week’s budget agreement suggests US politics may finally be coming together.
    4) To ensure there was no rush for dollars when oil dollars needed to be returned, the RBI said the difference between purchase and sale prices of dollars could be redeemed in rupees.
    5) At that time, India’s current account deficit was also out of control and, with the talk of the taper, around $7.1 bn of FII funds exited the country in June, another $3.1 bn in July and $2.3 bn in August — between June and August, the rupee fell from 54.39 to 62.68 to the dollar — and then the net inflows were just slightly positive for the next few months.

    1. 4) To ensure there was no rush for dollars when oil dollars needed to be returned, the RBI said the difference between purchase and sale prices of dollars could be redeemed in rupees.

      1 2 3 5

  16. #10.

    A person starts from a point in east direction. He walks 10 m and takes a right turn. Now he walks 5m and again takes a right turn. Next he walks 3 m and takes a left turn. Now he walks 6 m and takes a right turn. He finally stops after walking 8m. In which direction is the starting point with respect to the ending point?
    A) South-east
    B) South-west
    C) North
    D) North-east
    E) None of these

  17. #11.

    Which is a set of ANSI parallel interfaces that allow personal computers to communicate with peripheral hardware?

    1. UPnP
    2. ISRC
    3. MTBF
    4. ASPI
    5. SCSI

  18. #12.

    Overseas investors usually seek massive amounts (1)/as compensation claiming they suffered (2)/‘heavy losses’ due to various factors, (3)/included frequent changes in government policy.(4)/ No error

    1. 4, included => including

  19. #13.

    In WordPress __________ to create a line break, which advances the insertion point to the beginning of the next line, ignoring any paragraph formatting instructions.
    A. Ctrl + Enter
    B. Shift + Enter
    C. Alt + Enter
    D. Ctrl + Shift

  20. optimistic

    Most irritating thing u have already made this comment:(

  21. # 14.

    Starting of sentence ???

    India needs to create one million jobs every month and help people keep those jobs. GE vice chairman said that it is imperative to create the right skill sets for the youth to get jobs and perpetuate a culture of productivity.
    (a) As India
    (b) Since India
    (c) Where India

    (i) only a
    (ii) only c
    (iii) only a and b
    (iv) only b

  22. #15.

    A is father of B and C is mother of A. E is sister of F whose daughter is G. S, the husband of C is the grandfather of G. P is father of E and brother of R. S has only two children, both of opposite sex.

    What is the relation between F and S?

    A) F is daughter of S
    B) F is sister of S
    C) F is son of S
    D) F is daughter in law of S
    E) Either A or D

  23. #16.

    16, 20, 47, 174, 855, ?
    A) 4812
    B) 4590
    C) 5114
    D) 5822
    E) 4606

      1. ambika

        mujhe to samjh hi ni aya ;pp

    1. c) 5114

      16*2 – 12, 20*3 – 13, 47*4 – 14, 174*5 – 15,

  24. #17.

    H 4 R % M A # K 2 P 5 I © N 3 W @ F & J 1 U V 9 Q E D 7 8

    If all the symbols are dropped from the arrangement, then which of the following is the 6th letter to the right of the 15th letter from the right end?

    A) N
    B) J
    C) E
    D) 1
    E) None of these

      1. ambika

        kitna refresh kre banda :((

  25. #18.

    Find error in part of sentence (if any)

    1) The Aam Aadmi Parti convener
    2) Arvind Kejriwal has shown himself to be a person of principles
    3) and his all members
    4) at his back and call
    5) No Error

    1. 4;

      back and call => beck and call

  26. #19.

    B 8 C % S & E K 4 $ 9 2 ! V A 6 @ T I 8 Z # U 5
    Which of the following is fifth to the right of eleventh from the right end of the given series?
    A) $
    B) 4
    C) 8
    D) T
    E) I

  27. #20.

    Difference between ages of Raman and Preet is 16 years. If Raman’s age ten years hence will be two times the age of Preet, find Raman’s age.
    A) 26
    B) 19
    C) 42
    D) 38
    E) 46

    1. 42

      R – P = 16
      (R + 10) = 2P
      Solve, R = 42

  28. #21.

    Which of the following is going to issue Electoral Bonds for the political parties?

    a) Government of India
    b) Banks
    c) NITI Aayog
    d) Election commission of India

    1. b) Banks

      In a significant step to cleanse the system of funding of political parties, Finance Minister Arun Jaitely announced that donations to political parties can soon be made by purchasing electoral bonds from authorized banks.
      Donor could purchase bonds from authorised banks against cheque and digital payments only.

  29. #22.

    Recently to which state has National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) sanctioned Rs 157 crore loan for implementation of a project for augmentation of drinking water project?

    Uttar Prasdeh

  30. #23.
    When will Place of Effective Management (POEM) will come into effect?

    April 1, 2017
    March 1, 2017
    June1, 2017
    May 1, 2017

    1. April 1, 2017

      General Anti-Avoidance Rules (GAAR) and Place of Effective Management (POEM) to come into effect from April 1

  31. #24.

    Where will India construct a multi-ethnic tri-lingual school?

    Sri Lanka

  32. #25.

    Pipes P and Q can fill the tank in 20 minutes and 25 minutes respectively. Both pipes have to be used to fill the tank in 20 minutes. After how many minutes the pipe P must be closed to fill the tank by both pipes in given time?
    A) 7 minutes
    B) 6 minutes
    C) 4 minutes
    D) 12 minutes
    E) 6.5 minutes

      1. ambika

        :(( galt ho gya

    1. 1930's Kid

      aaz miss kiyaa
      only 3 participators 🙁

      atleast 10 rs ajathe muje :(((
      khud ki purse b nhi hai mere paas , ye paytm purse b nhi anaewala hai

      1. ambika

        tum interview pe focus kro :)) tumhe 40k milenge

          1. ambika

            :)) mere se lelo bhai rote kyun ho

          2. 1930's Kid

            JI O-O 🙂

    2. C) 4 minutes

      P is to be closed before 20 minutes, let it is closed after x minutes, then Q worked for all 20 minutes. So,
      (1/20)*x + (1/25)*20 = 1
      Solve, x = 4

  33. Last day of quiz over 🙂

    Wait for 5 minutes for today s results

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    2. ambika

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        abhi start hua phir se lappy 🙁

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          3. Purvi

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            but rs nhi dungi

  34. Winners of Day 7
    1st – Ambika – 52.5 Points
    2nd – Optimistic- 39.5 Points
    3rd – MiMi 38.5 Points

    Winners will receive the rewards soon!!!
    Good Night :))

    1. ambika

      thanku mam gn 🙂

      1. optimistic

        Mujhe party dedo

        1. ambika

          sure bro :))

      2. Purvi

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        1. ambika

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          1. ambika

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          5. ambika

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    2. Purvi

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      1. 1930's Kid

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      2. ambika

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    4. optimistic

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      1. ambika

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    5. 1930's Kid

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      day by day u keep increasing points
      first dekhna chahuu mai 🙂

      1. optimistic

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        1. 1930's Kid

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  35. 1930's Kid

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    GN allzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂
    Stay Blessed 🙂

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    1. 1930's Kid


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    sweet dreams
    take care
    kal milenge 8 pm

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    1. ambika

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        1. ambika

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      2. MiMi

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        1. ambika

          ssc dear 🙂 banking is not for me

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          16. ambika

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    3. Hemant ahuja?

      Hello mimi

        1. Hemant ahuja?

          Mera new name hemmu

          1. MiMi

            sry re i could not reply abhi aspirnt zone nhi aati..thoda bg hu is week fr intervw..very soon i will ping u…

          2. Hemant ahuja?

            Interview kiska po Ka wah

          3. MiMi

            nope in IT sector..postponnd ho gaya itrvw mnth hoga..

          4. Hemant ahuja?

            Pvt sector. Mca hai kya tu bhi

          5. Hemant ahuja?

            Same. But ab lgta hai koi fyada nhi hai study Ka.

          6. Hemant ahuja?

            Quiz krne to aa Jaya kr phir. Pta nhi kya krti rehti ye ladki

          7. MiMi

            he he he..aj se aungi..

          8. Hemant ahuja?

            Gud interview jarruri hai pehle

          9. Hemant ahuja?

            Don’t sry

    1. We can apply shotcut in these type of ques.
      Shortcut for ques having original profit/loss. Then had it be sold for ____ less/more….
      CP will be 40/[(10 – (-10)] * 100 = 200 rs
      10 for 10% profit and -10 for 10% loss

      U can post doubts here

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Can’t understand

      2. Hemant ahuja?

        Agar profit ho rha ho phir bhi yhi formula lagega

        1. yes tab b. See this

          A loss of 10% is made by selling an article. Had it been sold for Rs 75 more, there would have been a profit of 5%. What would be the selling price of the article if it is sold at 15% profit?

          Use shortcut for these type of questions:
          CP of article = 75 × 100/ [5 – (-10)] (+5 for 5% profit, -10 for 10% loss)
          So SP at 15% profit = 115/100 * CP = (115/100) * [75 × 100/15] = Rs 575

          If understood now, then ok
          else ask again

          1. Hemant ahuja?


          2. yes

            100 is for %

            oR 75/[(5 – (-10)] * 100 = 200 rs (+5 for 5% profit, -10 for 10% loss)

  39. Hemant ahuja?

    Mam aaj quiz hga CA?

    1. Yes we can have CA at 8 PM

      1. Hemant ahuja?

        Budget quiz bhi kra dena

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