Reasoning Test for LIC AAO Prelims Exam Set – 8

Directions (1-5): Read the information and answer the questions:

Eight different colored boxes i.e. I, R, V, G, P, Y, W and M are placed one above another in a stack but not necessarily in the same order. R color box is immediate above the G colour box. The number of boxes in between R colour box and Y colour box is one more than between the G colour box and M colour box. Not more than three boxes are placed above G colour box. Two boxes are between Y colour box and G colour box, which is below M colour box. W colour box is immediate above the R colour box. I colour box is below to Y colour box. P box is not placed below V and Y box.

  1. How many boxes are between R and V coloured box?
    Option C
    M, W , R , G , P , V , Y ,I


  2. Which color of box is immediate below to P?
    None of these
    Option E


  3. Four of the five following to a group find which is not belongs to the groups?
    W , Y
    G , P
    V ,R
    I, G
    I , M
    Option D


  4. Which box are not adjacent to each other?
    R ,W
    W , I
    G ,R
    M ,W
    None of these
    Option B


  5. Which box is immediate below the G colour box?
    None of these
    Option B


  6. Pointing to a Lady, H said, “She is the maternal aunt of my father’s only daughter” How is the lady is related to H’s father?
    Sister in law
    Mother in law
    Cannot be determined
    Option A


  7. Akansha started walking in North direction for 2 m to reach P, then turn left walks 5m. After this, she turns right and walks 5 m again. Now, she turns again towards right and walks 4m, then turn right and walks 5m. Now what is the shortest distance between point P and final position and in which direction she is with respect to her initial position?
    1 m , West
    3m , East
    2 m , North east
    1 m , NorthWest
    None of these
    Option D


  8. Pointing towards a man, H said, “He is only child of my grandfather” How is man related to H?
    Maternal Grandfather
    Cannot be determined
    None of these
    Option E


  9. If the expressions ‘Mz>Nz , Mz < Pz’, ‘Nz >Yz’ and ‘Pz are true, which of the following conclusions will be true?
    Nz > Qz
    Mz > Qz
    Yz = Mz
    Qz > Yz
    None of these
    Option D


  10. In a class, six friends As, Bs, Cs, Ds, Es and Fs are seating on a circular bench and facing inside, As sits opposite to Es, who sits second right to Fs. Bs sits opposite to the one who is adjacent to Fs. Who sits opposite to Bs?
    Either b or c
    Option E


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